TechLead: Season 1 Complete HD
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TechLead: Season 1 Complete HD contains the first episodes that I've ever created for my YouTube channel TechLead, including some of my top secret tips for navigating a career in tech.

This sort of content is... rare. You will find over a decade's worth of valuable insights & knowledge from interview practice, to compensation, negotiation, career switches, and life tips all in a fun and entertaining package.

I've poured hundreds of hours into this series, crafted with love, sweat, and more!
TechLead: Season 1 Complete
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Playlist (28 episodes, 4hr 45min)
01 - Day in the life of a YouTube engineer
02 - What programming languages to learn for 2018
03 - Passing the Technical Interview - Top 10 tips for software engineers
04 - 20 types of Software Engineers (ft. the rockstar engineer)
05 - Software engineer salaries in 2018, tech levels, and lifestyle
06 - a day in the life of a software engineer
07 - Google ski offsite - a day in the life of an engineer
08 - 3 top qualities for a Software Engineer to be successful
09 - How to get in - Software Engineer (education, degree, resume)
10 - Digital nomads - A life of work and travel. Pros, cons, tips
11 - How I became a software engineer - my path into tech
12 - How to get started in Tech - with pet projects
13 - 10 Workflow Tips for Developers & Software Engineers
14 - 10 Philosophies of Money - my thoughts on lifestyle & financial independence
15 - 10 Tips for Effective Communication for Software Engineers
16 - What do software engineers actually do (it's not just coding)
17 - 10 Tips for Developer Burnout - should you quit and travel the world?
18 - What it means to be "good"
19 - The best tech advice I ever got
20 - Over Engineering - My top 5 tips for software engineers
21 - Top 10 Tips on being the new employee (in tech)
22 - 5 Tips on quitting a job (in tech)
23 - Dating Tips from a TECH LEAD
24 - Out of Office in TOKYO. (And... why I quit my job?!?)
25 - Why I Quit Google - Kyoto Arc
26 - Netflix Interview for software engineer (tech culture & career path analysis)
27 - Netflix Interview for Software Engineer (Part 2)
28 - Epilogue

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